Digitising human performance with Perform Plus

Perform is PwC’s proprietary operational improvement methodology. It’s a highly successful, globally-deployed management system that drives new behaviours to increase effectiveness and efficiency in an organisation and improve customer outcomes. The firm wanted to digitise Perform and chose PLAY as its design and development partner, to power up the highly innovative internal team.

What we did

Players and PwC-ers have worked together as a single Perform Plus team since 2018. Swing by the PLAY offices and you’ll find the combined team working as one – brainstorming new roadmap features, solving wicked design problems, delivering high-velocity development sprints and pioneering how the big and the small collaborate to create exciting new digital assets.

The Perform Plus platform uses gamification, recognition, goals and real-time transparency to create highly connected, highly engaged teams. That means more star performers driving stronger business outcomes for PwC clients.

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What we learnt

For a company whose vision is to unlock human potential and meaning at work, Perform Plus is in the middle of our sweet spot. With some of the brightest minds at PwC, we’re exploring motivation and behaviour change mechanics that drive positive workplace outcomes at scale – for businesses and for their people.

We use our space for product events and joint team co-working and have created a new working model where the old silos of ‘client’ and ‘supplier’ are gone. The output is speed, transparency and a world-beating product that delivers a 15-30% performance uplift for companies.

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