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In a constantly changing business environment, the capacity for an organisation to adapt, reskill and learn on the go is increasingly critical.

Given this need, we teamed up with PwC to address the following problems: how can we deliver training to develop people’s long-term skills and change behaviours; and how do we deliver this training at scale, whilst maintaining consistency and quality?

What we did

Working with thought leaders at PwC, we took the greatest obstacle to long-term retention of skills and knowledge head-on: the forgetting curve.

We designed scientifically-proven learning techniques into a technology solution, delivering a personalised learning experience, that builds long-term skills and changes behaviours.

Taking inspiration from the work of Piotr Wozniak on ‘the economics of learning’, we built an algorithm of ‘scheduled reinforcement’, that predicts the future state of an individual's memory, and then schedules learning reviews at optimal moments. This maximises understanding and retention of new training materials, overcomes the need for relearning and frees up time and space to apply new skills and knowledge.

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What we learnt

With Learning Lab, we were able to play to our strengths of positive ‘behaviour driving’ and ‘player first’ design. In close collaboration with the PwC team, we took advanced learning research and married it with our motivation and engagement mechanics, to create a product which offers a world-beating teaching experience and puts less reliance on physical trainers.

For those using Learning Lab, it’s like having a personal tutor in their pocket; teaching what they need to know in a way that improves understanding and converts quick learnings into long-term memory.

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